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CYCLE PB-700 is a synergistic blend of oxygen scavengers, inhibitors and polymers dispersants which provide excellent control of oxygen, scale and corrosion products for boiler water systems.


PB-720 is a combination of two liquid volatile neutralizing amines which volatilize with the steam to control corrosion or “grooving” of the condensate return lines. Corrosion is minimized by raising the pH of the condensed steam to a less corrosive level, thus neutralizing the naturally formed carbonic acid which forms in the condensed steam. PB-720 is especially suited for systems which use steam for direct humidification or where live steam exhaust is present. PB-720 does not impart any disagreeable odors when used at recommended levels. Due to the low distribution properties of the product, it has low loss rates at deaerating heating sections. PB-720 is not known to impart odors to fabrics and is safe to use in laundries and dry cleaning operations.

Cycle PC-560

CYCLE PC-560 is a custom blended formulation of corrosion inhibitors and polymer dispersants which provide excellent control of scale and corrosion in alkaline-treated cooling water systems.

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