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For Industrial-scale Laundry Services

Our commercial laundry cleaning chemicals have been formulated to provide industry- landing cleaning performance, a broad flexibility in fabric applications, and unparalleled economic value. If you’re based on the West Coast and are looking to clean uniforms, work gear, or other regularly soiled materials at your industrial facility, we have the products that work –every time.

Featured Product: Dissolve XL

General Purpose Degreaser
DISSOLVE XL is a concentrated liquid blend of alkaline cleaners, detergents, wetting agents and solvents specifically formulated for the spray, soak and foam-cleaning of food processing equipment and their operations. The product is authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in federally inspected poultry, meat and egg product plants, and as a floor and wall cleaner for use in all departments.

Properties and Benefits
• The ideal cleaning chemical for concrete, clay and quarry tile, brick, terrazzo and other hard flooring materials
• Formulated for removing the heavy soils commonly found in food processing areas
• Exceptional wetting agent action helps assure quick and thorough soil penetration
• Removes grime, oil, and grease on floors in processing areas
• Exhibits high foam with good detergency characteristic
• Safe on painted surfaces
• Rinses quickly and easily
• A versatile, multi-job cleaner

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Our Commercial Laundry Cleaning Chemicals

Sunbow Liquid Det FX-9

SUNBOW LIQUIDET FX-9 is a premium concentrated liquid detergent that can be used for all soil classifications.

Technical dossier

Sunbow Super Spotter

SUNBOW SUPER SPOTTER is a premium concentrated liquid spotter that can be used to remove most common stains.

Technical dossier

Sunbow Gentle Conditioner

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