In-Fact 750

IN-FACT 750 is a chlorinated liquid detergent
IN-FACT 750 - chlorinated foaming cleaner
Technical dossier SDS

Equipment foaming cleaner

A high-quality chlorinated liquid detergent, specifically designed for the spray, soak, and foam cleaning of food processing and dairy equipment. This powerful chlorinated cleaner is ideal for the prepared food and food manufacturing industry, with a focus on targeting the egg and poultry industry.

Versatile – Formulated with a high foaming composition, In-Fact 750 ensures stable clinging foam for longer contact time. It’s built-in water conditioner is a heavy-duty chelate that prevents scale formation, making it ideal for use in all water conditions. With an optimal blend of wetting agents, In-Fact 750 can provide maximum soil penetration and removal with no additional foam booster required. This makes In-Fact 750 an effective cleaner for vertical and overheard surfaces. This powerful cleaner is suitable for use in a foamer, steam cleaner, or pressure washer. It’s clear and free rinsing properties make it ideal for cleaning floors, walls, and equipment in food processing facilities.

Biodegradable detergent

This biodegradable detergent is a versatile single-product cleaner, removing protein soils and fats with ease, leaving stainless steel bright and shiny. 

Experience the superior cleaning power of IN-FACT 750 and enhance your food processing operations. Discover how our products can benefit your business.

In-Fact 750 – key benefits

  • High foaming formulation. Produces a stable clinging foam for longer contact time
  • Excellent for foaming vertical clinging and overhead surfaces.
  • Built-in water conditioner. Heavy-duty chelate prevents scale formation.
  • Biodegradable
  • Optimal blend of wetting agents for maximum soil penetration and removal.
  • No additional foam booster required.
  • Versatile single-product, multi-job cleaner.
  • Works in all water conditions.
  • Leaves stainless steel bright and shiny; prevents hard water precipitates.
  • Attacks and removes protein soils and fats.
  • Clear, free rinsing.
  • May be used in foamer, steam cleaners or pressure washers.

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